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Dreamers – the Republicans Are With You?

Recently Trump tweeted  “I can tell you this, and I say this to DACA recipients that the Republicans are with you. They want to get your situation taken care of. The Democrats fought us. They just fought every single inch of the way. They did not want DACA in this bill.”

This one indication that Trump is either stunningly dishonest or has memory issues.  He seems to have forgotten that he, and he alone, created the problem in the first place by undoing Obama’s program.  Democrats have always been willing to have a separate discussion and standalone bill on DACA, but Republicans (namely Trump himself), want to tie it to The Wall and other immigration measures.

As Ms. Sanders said the next day: “He [Trump] embraced — only if you look at what the President’s definition of a clean DACA bill is.”  And his definition of “clean” is quite a bit different from, well, anybody’s.  It would include DACA, the wall, chain migration and the lottery.

And the Republican congress repeats this terribly dishonest account.

Trump Admits to Lying

At a fundraiser in Missouri a few days ago Trump was bragging about lying to Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister.  The topic was Canada’s trade balance with the U.S.  Trump claimed Canada ran a surplus and had a short argument with Trudeau about this.  Needless to say, Trudeau knows the numbers, while Trump goes with whatever he thinks will advance his agenda – which in this case was building support for his tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Perhaps worse than the lie itself was Trump’s retelling of it to the Missouri crowd.  He seemed proud that he could “get away” with being able to make statements that have no relationship to verifiable facts.  The problems with Trump’s behavior are manifold and well recounted by Charles Blow in the NYT.

No doubt Trudeau is aware of how just carelessly Trump treated him and Canada – our largest trading partner and closest ally.  Trump seems to think that the U.S. doesn’t need any one else.  At this rate we could well find out.


Bowling Balls

In a fundraising meeting in Missouri Trump complained about unfair trade practices.  He gave as an example how the Japanese dropped a bowling ball from 20 feet onto a hood and when the hood was dented they didn’t allow the importation of that model car.

It was quickly determined that this story wasn’t true.  When presented with this the White House replied that he was “only joking” or that the story was “allegorical”.

This is typical behavior for Trump, both in the casualness of the story and then the casualness of the retraction.  Truth is apparently not a criterion Trump values at all.  One has to wonder if this sort of story ends up being the basis for policy.  And of course a policy based upon an untrue basis has every potential to be a bad policy.

And the silence from the Republican congress is deafening.